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kcoe beer kaizenThere are few things in the Lean Manufacturing/Six Sigma/Continuous Improvement/ Kaizen/Toyota Production System buzz-word-world as viral as Bruce Hamilton and the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership. You’ve seen his face. He’s taught you about value and waste and looking at processes with an eye for improvement.

He’s taken you to his personal workshop to demonstrate these principles. And the funny thing is, you’re probably scratching your head thinking, “Bruce who?”

If you don’t know him as Bruce, then you probably know him as The Toast Guy. Hamilton’s video, Toast Kaizen, is a staple in the lean world, especially popular in training. There are three reasons this video is so successful.

1. Simplicity – he presents a simple process, making toast, that everyone can understand and apply the principles of continuous improvement

2. Accuracy – Hamilton applies the same tools in Toast that will save any manufacturing floor: customer first focus, waste elimination, and engaging human creativity.

3. Bruce, himself – Hamilton’s “aw shucks,” personal approach coupled with his hilarious delivery (“Making some toast for my wife”) are a win-win combination. He’s like a cult celebrity on the lean A-list.

So, it’s with great honor and respect that the KCOE presents, as an homage, our latest video: Beer Kaizen! We’ve seen Toast so many times, quoted the lines, and applied the principles that we felt it was time to contribute our own unique sense of “how-to,” “do it yourself,” sense to the world of continuous improvement. Watch it, share it, and enjoy it!



2 Responses to “New Training Video: Beer Kaizen!”

  1. Great Kaizen Video | Beer Kaizen is a Creative How-To Video
    10:31 pm on August 6th, 2010

    […] Easy, visit KCOE’s blog post featuring the Beer Kaizen Video […]

  2. Not the only Toast Kaizen Parody
    1:06 pm on August 23rd, 2010

    […] Aparently KCOE is not the only maker of a Toast Kaizen Parody Video. If you haven’t seen our popular Beer Kaizen! Check it out here! […]

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