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Community Leadership Award

The Saint Vincent College Center for Operational Excellence Community Leadership Award recognizes an individual whose leadership has made a significant impact in his / her community.

The mission of KCOE is engaging organizations to help them achieve world-class performance. Our core values are:

1. People matter, a lot (mutual trust and respect, all around)

2. Make it better than you found it (constant improvement is part of my job).

community leadership award, boniface wimmer

Boniface Wimmer

To whom is the Community Leadership Award awarded?

The award is for an individual who exudes mutual trust and respect and who believes that “continuous improvement is not only a part of my job, but a part of my life.” This individual is leading his or her organization not only to a profitable bottom line, but to profit the community, serve the community, and make the community a better place to live and work.

Why the Community Leadership Award?

Our vision is to start and sustain a movement that causes every person in every organization to feel like world champions.

The Community Leadership Award showcases individual excellence in leadership as demonstrated by outstanding initiative, impact of work, and inspiration of others. With each award, KCOE, through the Institute for Operational Excellence, publicly affirms present achievements, seeks to encourage further work, and hopes to motivate others to follow their lead by empowering individuals to be a community of world champions.

When will the first Community Leadership Award be given?

The Community Leadership Award will be granted at KCOE’s North American Operational Excellence Summit Dinner on October 17, 2011.  The Summit Dinner is an Institute-only event where great minds and great steering committees who are implementing operational excellence system will convene prior to the North American Operational Excellence Summit to take place on October, 18, 2011.


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